All research which seeks to use Corrections Victoria data or interview Corrections Victoria staff, for example, prison officers, community corrections officers, or offenders, for example, prisoners, offenders on parole or community corrections orders, needs support from the Corrections Victoria Research Committee (CVRC).


The Corrections Victoria Research Committee meets several times a year.  For more information about the CVRC process please contact:

Secretary, Corrections Victoria Research Committee

E-mail: (External link)


Corrections Victoria Evaluation Framework 2015 - 2018

Corrections Victoria (CV) acknowledges the importance of ensuring that programs for prisoners and offenders are well designed, efficiently implemented and effective in reducing recidivism. The key purpose of the CV Evaluation Framework 2015-2018 is to facilitate timely, high quality program evaluations to provide a reliable, robust evidence base for decision making by government about future investment in correctional programs.  Access the Evaluation Framework.