Publish date Title Summary
Commissioner's Requirements - Part 3 Commissioner's Requirements Part 3 deals with programs and industry.
Commissioner's Requirements - Part 4 Commissioner's Requirements Part 4 deals with prisoner services.
Commissioner's Requirements - Part 5 Commissioner's Requirements Part 5 deals with healthcare services.
Community work condition on a court order Answers to key questions an offender may have when undertaking unpaid community work.
Compliance reporting on Ravenhall development The third and final public report is below, as well as the independent ecologist report which shows progress of the adjoining offset site.
Consolidated response to reviews of offenders charged with murder The report consolidates information relating to the background and context of each of the three formal reviews into the management of parolees and offenders.
Correctional Management Standards for Community Correctional Services The Correctional Management Standards for Community Correctional Services establish the minimum requirements for community corrections in Victoria
Correctional Management Standards for men’s prisons in Victoria The 2014 edition of the Standards continues to reflect the department’s commitment to the provision of a safe, secure and humane correctional system.
Correctional Management Standards for post-sentence supervision & detention of serious sex offenders Post sentence supervision and detention scheme for serious sex offenders.
Correctional Management Standards for women serving community correctional orders These Community Correctional Orders are specifically for the needs of women under CCS supervision.