Publish date Title Summary
Offender Management Framework Corrections Victoria's offender management practices are linked to evidence-based theory and enables a consistent, system-wide approach to offender management.
Pilot Bail Advocacy and Support Services Program Evaluation Report Evaluation reports of the Pilot Bail Advocacy and Support Services Program and the Bail Support Program.
Port Phillip Prison Visitor Information Information for people visiting prisoners in Port Phillip Prison, including dress standard.
Prison Discipline Regime Review A report to the Commissioner about the Victorian prison system (prison discipline systems), including the relationship between criminal offences and prison discipline offences.
Prison-based mothers and children programs This literature review was conducted by The University of Melbourne in partnership with Save the Children Australia and the Peabody Research Institute to better inform future program development of mothers and children programs in the Victorian prison system
Prisoner consent to the release of medical information form Authority for release of health information.
Protocol between Mental Health Division and Community Correctional Services The Mental Health, Drugs and Regions Division, Department of Human Services and Community Correctional Services and Department of Justice have jointly developed a protocol to enhance coordination and improve communication between staff of the respective sectors.
Ravenhall Correctional Centre visitor brochure Information for people visiting prisoners at Ravenhall Correctional Centre
Reducing reoffending framework: Setting the scene Research conducted over the past two decades has shown that the rehabilitation of prisoners while in prison is more effective than the use of punishment in reducing reoffending rates.
Religious and spiritual support services in Corrections Victoria prisons brochure The brochure answers some of the main questions you might have about Chaplaincy in prisons.