Publish date Title Summary
Family violence and child information sharing schemes From 27 September 2017, Justice Health and its service providers are prescribed under the Family Violence Information Sharing Reforms. Follow this page for instructions on how to make a request for information from Justice Health under the schemes.
Forensic alcohol and other drugs treatment and services The aim of the new Forensic AOD Service Delivery Model is to enhance the forensic AOD service response to offenders on court orders.
From labour to work: Evaluation of and options for Victoria’s prison industries The primary objective was to evaluate the adequacy of the program for contemporary business, employment and educational needs given the changing economic context and how the program might be improved.
Getting Started booklets Information about support services to prisoners who are preparing for and experiencing transition from custody to the community
Government Response - Review of Corrections Victoria's sports programs Government Response to Corrections Victoria's sports programs.
Guidelines relating to clinical roles and student placements Corrections Victoria (CV) often receives enquiries from interested individuals about a possible career as a forensic psychologist or as a psychologist within CV.
Guiding principles for Corrections in Australia The Guiding principles support continuous improvement and reflect the diverse challenges and priorities of correctional services in Australia.
Health service provider resource list An Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing plan by Justice Health.
Healthcare Services Quality Framework for Victorian Prisons 2023 The Healthcare Services Quality Framework for Victorian Prisons 2023 underpins the delivery of reliable, safe and high-quality health services in the Victorian prison system.
Hopkins Correctional Centre visitor information brochure Information for people visiting prisoners at Hopkins Correctional Centre.