Publish date Title Summary
Aboriginal Art Policy Model Sets out a policy model to enable Aboriginal prisoners to sell artwork produced through participation in The Torch's Indigenous Arts program.
Aboriginal Social and Emotional Well-being Plan The department has worked closely with the community to develop this Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing Plan with the aim of improving health and justice outcomes for Aboriginal people in prison.
Acquired brain injury in the Victorian prison system This research explores the prevalence of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) in the Victorian prison population.
Annual Offender Statistical Profile 2010 to 2020 The data presents the statistical profile of offenders managed by Community Correctional Services (CCS) as at 30 June each year.
Annual Prisoner Statistical Profile 2009-10 to 2019-20 The data set also includes the number and type of prison receptions and discharges for each financial year.
Barwon Prison visitor information Information for people visiting prisoners in Barwon Prison
Best practice principles for the operation of community service schemes Best Practice Principles for the Operation of Community Service Schemes - a systematic review of the literature.
Best practice with women offenders This report looks at national and international research into the effectiveness of services, programs and interventions for women offenders.
Commissioner's Requirements - Part 1 Commissioner's Requirements Part 1 deals with security and control.
Commissioner's Requirements - Part 2 Commissioner's Requirements Part 2 deals with prisoner management.