Corrections Victoria 
General enquiries about prisons and community correctional services

Phone: 03 8684 6600

Sentence Calculation and Warrant Administration
Contact for Gaol Orders to move prisoners to Court.

Video conferencing for legal professionals
Video conferencing is available for legal professionals to contact their clients in prison.

Requesting a professional phone call
How to request a professional phone call at each of Victoria's prisons.

Contact a prisoner
Contact or locate a prisoner

Adult Parole Board
Adult Parole Board website, see  (External link)

For enquiries about young offenders, contact via e-mail (External link)

Family Violence Information Scheme
For prescribed Information Sharing Entities requesting Corrections information under Part 5A of the Family Violence Protection Act 2008.

Justice Heath
Enquiries relating to the health of prisoners, information about drug and alcohol treatments and obtaining prisoner health records

Office of Correctional Services Review, Name change to Justice Assurance and Review Office
Enquiries relating to the regulation of the corrections system, and for information about the Independent Prison Visitor Scheme

Victims of Crime (External link)
Enquiries relating to the Victims Register

Youth Justice (Department of Justice and Community Safety (External link))
Enquiries relating to youth justice, contact via e-mail (External link)

Memorandum of Understanding between Youth Justice & Corrections Victoria.