It is concerning that Aboriginal people continue to be significantly over-represented in our prison system and experience poorer mental health than non-Aboriginal people.

The department has worked closely with the community to develop this Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing Plan with the aim of improving health and justice outcomes for Aboriginal people in prison.

Improving the health of Aboriginal prisoners requires a holistic and coordinated approach that considers all aspects of social and emotional wellbeing and links prisoners to after care in the community.

The Plan will do this by:

  • investing in programs and services to build resilience, reinforce positive cultural identity, and address trauma
  • improving cultural training across the prison system and increasing the number of Aboriginal people participating in the prison workforce
  • recognising the central role that cultural and spiritual identity has in mental health and wellbeing
  • working in partnership with Aboriginal community organisations to support prisoners to maintain their health while in prison and upon release into their communities.
Department of Justice & Regulation - Justice Health & Corrections Victoria
Department of Justice & Regulation - Justice Health & Corrections Victoria
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