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Prison sites

Across Victoria, there are 11 publicly operated prisons, three privately operated prisons (Fulham Correctional Centre, Port Phillip Prison and Ravenhall Correctional Centre) and one transition centre, Judy Lazarus Transition Centre.

Barwon Prison

Beechworth Correctional Centre

Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (Women only)

Dhurringile Prison

Fulham Correctional Centre

Hopkins Correctional Centre

Judy Lazarus Transition Centre

Langi Kal Kal Prison

Loddon Prison Precinct (Middleton)

Marngoneet Correctional Centre (Karreenga)

Melbourne Assessment Prison

Metropolitan Remand Centre

Port Phillip Prison

Ravenhall Correctional Centre

Tarrengower Prison (Women only)


The Department of Justice and Community Services is currently examining a number of options to manage the ongoing growth of the prison population in Victoria.
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Corrections Victoria – a business unit of the Department of Justice and Community Safety – is responsible for prison management in Victoria and all prisoners in both publicly and privately-managed prisons, including administering the contracts of the two private prison providers. Corrections Victoria is responsible for achieving the appropriate balance between a high level of community safety and the humane treatment of prisoners, focusing on strategies to rehabilitate prisoners in custody and tackling the underlying causes of crime to reduce reoffending. It sets, monitors and reviews standards in both public and private prisons, undertakes business planning, and initiates and manages correctional infrastructure programs.

The Justice Assurance and Review Office (JARO), formerly the Office of Correctional Services Review, is a business unit within the Department of Justice and Community Safety (the department). It exists to assist the Secretary to fulfil their statutory obligations under the Corrections Act 1986 (Vic) and the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 (Vic).

The Security and Emergency Services Group (SESG) provides high-level support to all areas of Corrections Victoria, through its service delivery and ongoing policy commitment.

The Women's Correctional Services Advisory Committee provides expert advice on the delivery of correctional services to women.

Download a map of the locations of all prisons and community corrections offices in Victoria.

Within this section



Alleged offenders on remand are held in custody before and during their trial (on criminal charges) by order of a court.
Going to Prison

Going to Prison

All prisoners undergo reception and assessment before being placed in a prison unit appropriate to the prison and the prisoner's needs.
Health care

Health care

The quality and standard of health care provided to prisoners is the same as that provided in the community through the public health system.


Corrections Victoria provides a wide range of program opportunities for prisoners to assist in their rehabilitation and successful return to the community after release from custody.