Prisoners are entitled to confidential meetings with professionals through in person visits, non-contact “box” visits, phone or video calls.

Under exceptional circumstances where an in-person visit is needed (for example, neurological assessments) this will be considered on a case-by case basis by the prison General Manager.

Professional services providers comprise:

  • lawyers
  • police
  • psychologists
  • Victorian Government Department employees
  • medical professionals
  • Ombudsman Victoria
  • Health Services Commissioner
  • Privacy Commissioner
  • consular officials
  • Independent Prison Visitors
  • authorised Corrections Victoria staff.

To arrange a meeting or phone call with a prisoner contact the prison.

Legal practitioners and approved professional stakeholders can now use AVL Scheduler to make their bookings for video contact with a prisoner

Attending a prison

Security procedures

Both personal and professional visitors will be subject to body scanning on entry to prisons. 

Millimetre Wave Body Scanner

Millimetre wave technology (MMW) is a high-level radio frequency security scanner that emits radio waves. MMW has been introduced as an additional layer of security in prison gatehouses. 

MMW emits no radiation and it is safe for all persons to enter the screener, including pregnant women and people with medical implants such as pace-makers and defibrillators. 

Shoes, jackets and bulky outerwear are required to be removed to ensure the most effective and efficient scan is achieved. MMW body screeners are now in use at most passenger departure points at most Australian airports as well as international airports and other locations where high levels of security are required. 

X-Ray Body Scanner

The X-ray body scanner produces an image of the whole body to show items that may be concealed by a person. 

Persons undergoing the scan will be exposed to a very low dose of radiation. The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services set the maximum number of scans that an individual will receive in accordance with Victorian Radiation Act 2005 (External link) and Radiation Regulations 2017 (External link)

The radiation dose is minimal, and the dosage is comparable to a number of routine activities in the community. For example, 400 scans over 12 months is equivalent to less than one medical chest X-ray. 

Shoes, jackets and bulky outerwear are required to be removed to ensure the most effective and efficient scan is achieved. 

Exemptions from being X-ray scanned:

  • Pregnant or possibly pregnant persons should inform staff and may be screened by an alternative search method, including a Millimetre Wave Body Scanner, which is a non-radiation screening device. 
  • If a visitor has a medical condition that precludes them from being subject to radiation, a medical certificate must be provided.
  • Visitors under the age of 18 years will not be scanned. 

If a visitor refuses a body scan, a contact visit may be refused, or may be required to undergo an alternative screening method, or a non-contact visit may be offered. 

For further information on body scanning processes please contact the prison directly or email (External link).