Publish date Title Summary
Independent investigation into the Metropolitan Remand Centre riot The Metropolitan Remand Centre riot on 30 June 2015 involved approximately 400 prisoners and is the largest in Victoria's correctional history
Indigenous Strategic Framework The Indigenous Strategic Framework is a guide; it provides the key issues for consideration in managing Indigenous prisoners and offenders, focussing on systemic issues that can impact on the over-representation of Indigenous people in the criminal justice system
Intellectual Disability in the Victorian Prison System - Characteristics of prisoners with an intellectual disability released from prison in 2003-2006 This study examines and compares the characteristics of a group of prisoners with an intellectual disability with a group that does not have an intellectual disability
Investigation into hearing impairment among Indigenous prisoners in the Victorian Correctional System This study tested the hearing status of 109 Victorian Indigenous prisoners at five prison locations
Judy Lazarus Transition Centre brochure Information about the development and composition of the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre
Justice Health Communicable disease framework 2017 Reducing the disease burden of bloodborne 
viruses and sexually transmissible infections in Victoria’s prisons
Justice Heath Research and Evaluation Framework 2015-2019 The Justice Heath Research and Evaluation Framework applies to health related research and evaluation activity in Victorian public and private prisons
Key statistics on the Victorian Prison System 2009-10 to 2013-14 Historical data of Victoria's prison system from 2009 to 2014
Koori cognitive skills Final Report 2005 An evaluation of the Koori Cognitive Skills Program Pilots
Koori prisoner mental health and cognitive function study Examination of the mental health, cognitive functioning, and social and emotional wellbeing of Koori prisoners in Victoria