What is the prison disciplinary regime?

The prison disciplinary regime is the formal adjudication system for prisoners who are alleged to have committed disciplinary offences. It serves to:

  • ensure staff, visitors and prisoners are protected from intimidation, threats, harassment and bullying
  • protect prison property and property of prisoners
  • prevent drug use
  • provide a secure prison environment to encourage prisoners to engage in activities that reduce the likelihood of reoffending and prepare them for release.

Prison Disciplinary Regime Review

In 2002, the Minister for Corrections commissioned an independent investigation into prison discipline provisions, sanctions and privileges operating in the Victorian prison system. The investigation aimed to:

  • review the effectiveness of the existing legislative provisions within the Corrections Act 1986 and Corrections Regulations 1998 relating to matters of prison discipline and prisoner privileges
  • examine how these legislative provisions were applied and the policy mandates supporting them across the prison system
  • provide advice and recommendations on the adequacy of the system and the sanctions operating across Victorian prisons.

The Prison Disciplinary Regime Review panel members were John (Darcy) Dugan, Chairperson, Vivienne Roche and Ian Tucker. The panel began its inquiries on 18 February 2003 and concluded its deliberations on 27 June 2003.

John (Darcy) Dugan, Vivienne Roche and Ian Tucker
Department of Justice - Office of Correctional Services Commissioner
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