Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), there may be changes to the prison visits.

Before you arrange a visit, please check the Our response to coronavirus (COVID-19) page for the latest information.

03 9217 7200
Note: the email address above is the Corrections Victoria general email; the prison does not have its own general email address.
03 9217 7228
Postal address
PO Box 376
Street address
451 Dohertys Road

Please also refer to the general information about contacting and visiting prisoners which is the same for all prisons in Victoria. 


Getting there


From Melbourne

From Spencer Street turn right at Flinders Street and continue along Charles Grimes Bridge Road. Follow the signs and take the Westgate Freeway westbound.

Take the Grieve Parade exit and, at the roundabout, take the third exit onto Dohertys Road.

The prison is on the corner of Dohertys and Palmers Roads, Laverton North.

From Princes Highway

Continue along the Princes Highway city-bound and take the Old Geelong Road exit at Laverton.

At the roundabout, take the second exit onto Fitzgerald Road in Laverton North.

At the second roundabout, take the third exit onto Dohertys Road, Laverton North.

Public transport

To Laverton railway station

The bus departs from Sunshine Railway Station Bus Terminal (bus 400) and runs via the overpass, Durham Road, Anderson Road, Forrest Street, Tilburn Road, Station Road, Western Highway (Ballarat Road), Westwood Drive, Robinsons Road and Riding Boundary Road to the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre. The bus then departs via Riding Boundary Road, Robinsons Road and Middle Road to the Metropolitan Remand Centre. It then departs from the Metropolitan Remand Centre via Middle Road, Robinsons Road, Palmers Road, Dohertys Road to Port Phillip Prison. It then travels via Dohertys Road, Fitzgerald Road, Old Geelong Road, Bladin Street, Wright Street, Thomas Street, Woods Street, Lohse Street and Maher Road to the terminus at Laverton Railway Station.

To Sunshine railway station

Buses will travel in the reverse direction. Westrans (Altona) operates this service.

Contact Westrans (Altona) on 03 9398 2712.


In-person visits

  • A maximum of 2 people (including children) will be permitted to visit a prisoner at one time. This means that 2 adults, or 1 adult and 1 child, can attend a visit with a prisoner. 
  • All visits must be booked in advance through the prison’s booking system. 
  • Adult visitors (16 years and older) must be listed on the prisoner’s visitors list and will be required to present 100 points of identification.
  • All visitors over the age of 12 are required to wear a surgical mask supplied by the prison. If you are exempt from wearing a face mask, you need to provide your medical exemption in writing prior to your visit.

Any visitor who does not comply with directives associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission reduction measures will not be permitted to enter the prison and will have their visit terminated.  

See contacting and visiting prisoners for further information on COVIDSafe visiting measures.


Visiting times

To visit a prisoner, you must be on their approved list. Once you are on the list, you can make arrangements to visit a prisoner according to the visit sessions times listed below.

Prisoners are responsible for ensuring a visit is booked.

Professional and special visitors can use the following email address to book visits: (External link)

Days Session times
Weekdays (Monday - Friday) and weekends 9.30am - 10.00am
1.30pm - 2.00pm
4.30pm - 5.00pm

Visit conditions

  • visitors are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to their booking time
  • visitors who are late will not be permitted entry into the prison
  • no access to outside garden area during visits until normal service are resumed
  • vending machines are currently unavailable to reduce touch points and help prevent the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). Food and drink (excluding water on request and baby formula/milk/drink for young children) will not be permitted during visits at this time.

It is recommended that you phone the prison before you visit to check that there are no issues on the day of your booked visit.

Ahead of your visit please read the Port Phillip Prison Visitor Information including dress standards.


Prison profile

Security level



  • 13 accommodation units each with a kitchen servery, tea room, laundry, day room, recreation area and outside courtyard
  • each cell within units have a shower, hand basin, toilet, desk, chair, television, kettle, storage shelves, intercom and bed
  • 20-bed inpatient hospital unit


Port Phillip Prison was the third privately operated prison to open in Victoria. It received its first prisoners on 10 September 1997.

The operator's contract was extended in 2016: see the Project Summary for further information.