Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

All personal visits to adult prisons are currently suspended.

Personal visits will resume on advice from health authorities, and we will keep prisoners and visitors updated. 

Prisoners have increased access to phone and video calls, emails and letters. See the Contacting a prisoner page for information.

If you are a legal practitioner or professional service provider, please refer to the Professional phone and video calls page.

Please see Our response to coronavirus (COVID-19) page for information on other measures that Corrections Victoria is taking to protect the health and wellbeing of prisoners and staff. 

The latest on coronarvirus (COVID-19) is available on the Department of Health and Human Services website (External link).

03 9321 4111
03 9321 4167
Street address
317-353 Spencer Street
West Melbourne

Please refer to the current information about visiting a prisoner which is the same for all prisons in Victoria. 


Getting there

Melbourne Assessment Prison is on the corner of Spencer and La Trobe Streets in the Melbourne Central Business District.

It is 250m north of Southern Cross Station and is accessible by trams travelling along Spencer and La Trobe Streets.


Visiting times

To visit a prisoner as a personal visitor, you must be on their approved list (refer to Arranging a visit in the general information for prison visitors). Once you are on the list, you can visit at any of the times below.

Professional or police visitors are advised to contact the prison for information about applying for a visit.

Visits are not conducted on Christmas Day or Good Friday.

Contact visits

Mainstream & Acute Assessment Unit (AAU) Mainstream prisoners
Sunday 8.30am–1.00pm Children permitted
Wednesday 9am–1.15pm Children permitted
  1.30pm–3.30pm Adults only
Saturday 12.30pm–3.30pm Adults only
Unit 9, 10 & AAU Protection prisoners
Sunday 2.30pm–3.30pm Children permitted
Saturday 8.30am–10.30am Adults only
Unit 8 prisoners
Sunday 1.15pm–2.15pm Children permitted
Saturday 10.45am–12.15pm Adults only

Visits last about one hour. 

The last visit commences at 3pm. 

Up to three adult visitors and a reasonable number of children are able to visit a prisoner on child contact visit times. 

Prisoners are entitled to one contact visit per week. The week starts on Sunday.

Non-contact (box) visits

Mainstream & AAU Mainstream prisoners
Sunday 8.30am–1.00pm
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8.30am–3.30pm
Tuesday 11.15am-3.30pm
Friday 8.30am–11.00am
Saturday 12.30pm–3.30pm
Unit 8,9, 10 & Protection prisoners
Sunday 1.15pm–3.30pm
Tuesday 9.30am–11.00am
Saturday 8.30am–12.15pm

The last visit commences at 3pm. 

If a prisoner you are visiting is ineligible for contact visits, they may have just one visit for one hour per week. For all other prisoners, box visits last about 30 minutes.  

Prisoners are able to have a box visit on the days and hours outlined in the table above except on the day that they have a contact visit.

During box visits, no touching is possible – there is a glass partition that separates you from the person you are visiting and all speaking is done through an intercom. Seating for two adult visitors is available.


Prison profile

Melbourne Assessment Prison is a maximum security facility providing the primary statewide assessment and orientation services for male prisoners received into the prison system. 

Security level


Operational capacity

305 (30 June 2019)


Melbourne Assessment Prison comprises units with different roles or functions such as protection or workforce and the Acute Assessment Unit, a 15-bed, secondary psychiatric facility catering for all of the state's male prisoners. Where possible, prisoners with similar status, such as 'remanded' or 'sentenced', are accommodated together.


Planning for the Melbourne Assessment Prison began in 1974, with construction commencing in December 1983. The prison was completed in 1989 at a cost of $80 million. It was officially opened on 6 April 1989 by the then Premier of Victoria and received its first prisoners on 29 May 1989. Initially known as the Melbourne Remand Centre, the prison was originally built to accommodate remand prisoners. In 1997 the prison became the reception prison for all male prisoners in Victoria and was renamed the Melbourne Assessment Prison.

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