Note: the email address below is the Corrections Victoria general email; the prison does not have its own general email address. 
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03 5282 0600
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Postal address
PO Box 273
Street address
1170 Bacchus Marsh Road

The below information is specific to Marngoneet Correctional Centre.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for information about Karreenga.

Please also refer to the general information about visiting a prisoner which is the same for all prisons in Victoria. This includes details of how to arrange to visit a prisoner for the first time, what identification you will need to take with you and what you cannot take into prisons.


Getting there


Marngoneet Correctional Centre is approximately 60km from Melbourne. Take the Princes Freeway to Geelong, turn left at the Avalon Airport exit, then turn right over the bridge and follow the signs to Barwon Prison. Marngoneet is located next to Barwon Prison.

Public transport

A courtesy bus is available to transfers visitors from Lara train station to Marngoneet Correctional Centre and back again on Saturdays and Sundays at the following times:

  Bus meets the train at Lara station Bus departs Marngoneet to Lara  station
Saturday 9.55am, 10.55am, 11.55am 12.55pm 12.15pm,1.45pm, 2.45pm, 3.45pm
Sunday 10.55am, 11.55pm, 12.55pm 2.45pm, 3.45pm

Geelong Taxi Network: 131 008


Visiting times

To visit a prisoner, you must be on their approved list (refer to Arranging a visit in the general information for prison visitors). Once you are on the list, you can visit at any of the times below. Visits must be booked by the prisoner.

It is recommended that you phone the prison before you visit.

Visit times

Flinders Peak, Station Peak & Spring Hill side will operate as follows:

SATURDAY & SUNDAY Session 1 Session 2 Session3 Session 4 Session 5
8.30am - 10.30am Adults Only 10.30am - 12.30pm Adults & Children  12.30pm - 2.30pm Adults & Children 2.30pm - 4.30pm Adults & Children 4.30pm - 6.30pm Adults & Children


Rothwell side will operate as follows:

  Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5
Saturday 8.15am - 10.15am Adults & Children 10.15pm - 12.15pm Adults & Children 12.15pm - 2.15pm Adults & Children 2.15pm - 4.15pm Approved Child Visits 4.15pm - 6.15pm Adults Only
Sunday 8.15am - 10.15am Adults Only 10.15pm - 12.15pm Adults Only 12.15pm - 2.15pm Adults & Children 2.15pm - 4.15pm Adults & Children 4.15pm - 6.15pm Adults & Children


An approved visitor may leave authorised property and monies at Visitor Reception for prisoners.

If a prisoner has already reached their property allowance, no additional items will be accepted.

The following guidelines are provided:


  • 4 sets of underwear (can be jocks, boxer shorts, or combination of both)
  • Long johns/thermal (white only)
  • Long sleeve thermal (white only)
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • 4 singlets (white only)
  • 4 t-shirts/long sleeve (white/cotton only - no v-neck, no collar, no buttons, no pocket, no logo of any description)
  • 6 handkerchiefs
  • 2 pairs of pyjamas

Clothing for court or release (has to be approved by Neighbourhood Manager) these will be placed into the prisoner’s property, not issued.

Please note: Clothing will not be accepted unless it is clean.


  • Maximum of 2 newspapers.
  • Maximum of 2 reading books
  • 6 photographs (no Polaroids.Up to A4 size only (computer generated photos, regardless of how many photos on it, are accepted as one photo)
  • legal papers


Maximum of 2 magazines

The following magazines will not be accepted:

  • Restricted Magazines
  • Weapons
  • Excessive violence
  • Hydroponics/Home Brewing
  • Picture and People magazines
  • Tattoo magazines

Please note:The disk will be removed from any magazine that has this as an inclusion.


  • Cash and personnel cheques (only money orders or bank cheques will be receipted via the mail).
  • Letter/Envelope/Card with the following:
      • Glitter
      • Paint
      • Glue
      • Stamps
      • Beads
      • Material/Thread/Ribbon/foam/wire
      • Lottery/racing tickets etc
      • Foam
      • Stickers
      • Any type of tapes e.g. Sticky, Masking, Electrical etc
  • Graffiti/Tags/Personal Logs
  • Gang related logos or slogans
  • More than six photos / Polaroid photo/Small photos (Passport size)
  • Laminated item/ Blank Cards / Musical Cards / Oversized card or paper (Up to A4 allowed).
  • Blank envelopes / Blank paper / Home-made paper / Blank Postcards/ Pre stamped and addressed envelopes
  • Naked Photos / Magazine with naked images / inappropriate pictures, photos or drawings
  • Prohibited Magazine (tattoo, military, drug or magazines with naked images)
  • Correction fluid/Tape or Blue tack

Prison profile

Security level


Operational capacity

559 (30 June 2019)


  • 40-bed main unit with cell-style accommodation and meals supplied
  • two six-cell flat-style accommodation with shared facilities and self-catering
  • six six-room flat-style accommodation with shared facilities and self-catering


Officially opened on 3 March 2006, the centre is located near Lara approximately 70km west of Melbourne.

The name 'Marngoneet' is taken from the local Wathaurong community language and means 'to make new'. The development of the facility was supported by the local Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative.

Read Marngoneet Correctional Centre Information.



Karreenga is a medium security facility accommodating a maximum of 300 protection prisoners, and is located adjacent to Marngoneet Correctional Centre.

The word Karreenga pays respect to the local Wadawurrung Community and is a Koori word meaning to grow.

Prisoners at Karreenga will undertake work/education during the week,  in addition to Offence Specific Programs.

They will live in self catered, cottage style accommodation and will be responsible for budgeting and cooking their own meals.  

Karreenga was officially opened on Friday, 16 September 2016. 

Operational capacity

300 (30 June 2019)

E-mail: (External link)

Phone:    03 5285 0000

Fax:         03 5285 0106

Street address:     1200 Bacchus Marsh Road, Lara Vic 3212

Postal address:     PO Box 1044

                                Corio Vic 3214

Visit times 

General contact with children  Saturday & Sunday  8.30am to 5.30pm  Maximum time 2 hours
Restricted access contact visits with no children



 10.30am to 5.00pm

 8.15am to 5.00pm

 Maximum time 2 hours

 Maximum time 2 hours

Restricted access approved child only  Saturday  8.15am to 10.15am  Maximum time 2 hours
Non contact box visits  Saturday & Sunday  9.00am to 5.00pm  Maximum time 1 hours

Read Marngoneet Correctional Centre Information