Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

All personal visits to adult prisons are currently suspended.

Personal visits will resume on advice from health authorities, and we will keep prisoners and visitors updated. 

Prisoners have increased access to phone and video calls, emails and letters. See the Contacting a prisoner page for information.

If you are a legal practitioner or professional service provider, please refer to the Professional phone and video calls page.

Please see Our response to coronavirus (COVID-19) page for information on other measures that Corrections Victoria is taking to protect the health and wellbeing of prisoners and staff. 

The latest on coronarvirus (COVID-19) is available on the Department of Health and Human Services website (External link).

03 5349 4900
Note: the email address above is the Corrections Victoria general email; the prison does not have its own general email address. 
03 5349 4993
Postal address
Private Bag 4
Street address
Langi Kal Kal Road
Langi Kal Kal

This information is specific to Langi Kal Kal Prison. 

Please also refer to the general information about contacting a prisoner which is the same for all prisons in Victoria.


Getting there


Langi Kal Kal Prison is situated at Trawalla, just off the Western Highway, 43km from Ballarat, approximately two-hours drive from Melbourne. 

From Melbourne, taken the Western Highway and follow it past the Ballarat Bypass towards Ararat. Approximately 43km (30–40 minutes) drive from Ballarat.

Take the off ramp "To Langi Kal Kal Road via Trawalla Road".

Turn right in Trawalla Road, continue straight across the 'old western highway' onto Lang Kal Kal Road, following the road over the train tracks and continue approximately 5 kilometres to the entrance of Langi Kal Kal Prison.

Public transport

Take the train to Ballarat and then the V/Line coach to Beaufort, where a courtesy bus is available to transfer visitors to Langi Kal Kal Prison on Saturdays and Sundays at the time listed below. The return service drops visitors at Beaufort Station. 

Prisoners are asked to advise the duty senior officer by Friday evening of visitors requiring the courtesy service.

Bus picks up at Beaufort Station (temporary change) Bus departs Langi Kal Kal (then drops at Beaufort Station)
10:40am Saturday and Sunday 3:15pm Saturday and Sunday

Visiting times

To visit a prisoner, you must be on their approved list (refer to Contacting a prisoner for current information for prison visitors). Once you are on the list, you can visit at any of the times below.

It is recommended that you phone the prison before you visit.

Restricted and non-restricted access

Saturday 9:30am-11:45am
Sunday 9:30am-11:45am

Approved child visits

Saturday 9:30am-11:45am 1:15pm-3:15pm
Sunday 9:30am-11:45am 1:15pm-3:15pm

A maximum of four adults will be accepted at any one time unless pre-arranged approval has been granted.

Parents are responsible for their own children's conduct on visits.

Prisoners who have been convicted of a sexual offence against children will not be permitted to have children under the age of 16 visit them without prior permission of the prison.


Visit conditions

For conditions of entry that apply to all prisons, such as general behaviour and the search process, refer to the general information for contacting a prisoner.


Only items of necessity will be secured in the lockers unless travelling on public transport. All other personal items such as phones, hand bags and smoking products, are to be secured in visitors' vehicles.

Items not allowed

The following items are not to be brought into the prison:

  • unsealed or opened packets of cigarettes
  • matches
  • any foodstuffs or drinks
  • mobile phones or cameras
  • USB connectors
  • MP3 players or any other electronic devices.

Medication that you need to take during a visit must be packaged in its prescribed packaging and be handed to the visitors' reception area until it is needed, which will be done in front of the visitors' reception officer.

Food and drink

You can purchase cold / hot drinks and a variety of foodstuffs from the visitors' canteen. If you wish to purchase these items you will need to bring suitable change as there is no change available at the prison.

No smoking

Langi Kal Kal is a non-smoking prison.


There are separate toilet facilities available for use by visitors in the visits area.


No pets are to be taken onto prison property.


Property and money


All items for a prisoner are to be clearly marked with the prisoner’s name and will be processed and distributed by stores officers after being examined for unauthorised contents.

All items can be brought in on a visit, or forwarded by post, with the exception of magazines, cards or correspondence which are to be received via mail only.

When sending in Christmas cards, birthday cards or cards of any typethe card must be plain. Musical cards or cards with anything attached to or stuck on the card are restricted to prisoners and therefore placed in the prisoner's property.

Only newspapers will be distributed on the day of a visit. These should be left at the reception office in the visit centre.

Items not requiring Governor's request approval:

The following items (New clothes only) will be accepted:

  • 6 x underwear (jocks, boxers, singlets)
  • 6 x socks
  • 6 x handkerchiefs
  • 1 x bathers (board shorts only)
  • 1 x dressing gown (plain coloured, no motifs)
  • 1 x pyjamas (plain coloured, no motifs)
  • singlets, shorts (bottle green, no motifs)
  • t-shirts (bottle green only, round neck with no motifs, pockets, buttons, logos or designs)
  • 1 x plain towel
  • 6 x photos (standard size approx. 150mm x 100mm)
  • 6 x magazines (No CD's, DVD's, computer disks or USB devices to be attached) Magazines to be received via mail only and will not be accepted via visits. No R-rated publications and only unrestricted magazines.
  • 6 x regional newspapers (No Pyrenees AdvocateBallarat Courier or Ararat papers)
  • books - limit of one at a time (via visits or mail and only unrestricted books)

No items, other than those listed above, will be accepted without prior approval by the Operations Manager/Supervisor and listed in the Governor's Request Register.


Refer to Property and money for details about how much money can be deposited for a prisoner and in what format.

Money may be left at the Langi Kal Kal Prison during visit times at the visitors’ reception centre.  A limit of $140.00 is permitted via visits or mail. 

All money orders should have the sender's name, address and visitor number i.e. VRN on the back of the money order, otherwise it will be returned to the sender.  

Additional phone money must be approved via Governor's Request prior to the visit.


Prison profile

Langi Kal Kal is an Indigenous name meaning 'Resting place of the singing cicada'.

It is an open-plan prison. It is expected that every prisoner will work.

Security level


Operational capacity

428 (30 June 2019)


There are two accommodation units, Ripon and Lexton, divided into two sections. Most units provide single accommodation, but there are also some shared rooms.


In 1838 the property was a 70,000-acre farming property with a substantial farmhouse built around 1900. After World War Two, the land was subdivided and the central area, including the farmhouse, was set aside for prison purposes. The first prisoners arrived in September 1950, and the prison was officially opened in February 1951. In 1965 the prison became a youth training centre but then became an adult prison once again in June 1993.

Read Langi Kal Kal Visitor Information.