Whenever you visit a prison, a total of 100 points of identification is required.  If you do not have suitable identification, you will not be able to visit. If you don't think you can meet these requirements, contact Corrections Victoria (External link) or on 1300 191 835.  

Suitable identification

100 points

  • current driver’s licence (with photo)
  • Correctional Services pass
  • consulate ID card
  • valid passport
  • Working With Children Check card
  • firearms licence
  • Key Pass
  • police member ID
  • Ombudsman’s photo ID pass
  • Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission ID
  • Proof of Age card

50 points

  • law card
  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • Immigration card
  • Defence Department ID
  • government authorised under 16 years card

25 points*

  • Medicare card
  • health care card
  • student card
  • credit card
  • bank book
  • Senior's card

*In the 25-point category, only one of each type of identification will be accepted, i.e. one credit card, one bank book, one health care card and a Medicare card. Four of these items together equals 100 points.

Content note: A Proof of Age card is 100 points of identification.