Each month, community volunteers visit our prisons to observe the way they operate. At the end of their visit, they report their observations to the Minister for Corrections. These volunteers, known as Independent Prison Visitors, help us maintain the high standards of our prison system.

The role of an Independent Prison Visitor

An Independent Prison Visitor (IPV) provides independent advice to the Minister for Corrections. The visitors provide a community perspective about the operation of our prison system.

The minister appoints IPVs under Section 35 of the Corrections Act 1986 (External link), on the recommendation of the Justice Assurance and Review Office (JARO).

Being an IPV

Each IPV is allocated to a specific prison. They visit the prison each month to observe prison routines and to talk to prisoners, staff and visitors. IPVs then provide an online report to the minister about their observations and the operations of the prison. 

The appointment period for an IPV is five years.

As an IPV you will need to:

  • function effectively in a challenging environment and comply with operational policies and procedures
  • follow privacy and records management procedures
  • communicate effectively with a diverse range of people and have a non-judgmental attitude
  • network with fellow IPVs and attend annual events
  • have good computer and internet skills to complete an online report and navigate online forums
  • have a good level of health and fitness to negotiate the prison facility
  • complete the induction training program and annual refresher training.

Recruitment process

The process is:

  1. submit your application
  2. meet with the scheme
  3. complete checks
  4. take a facility visit
  5. appointed as an IPV.

The recruitment process can take several months to complete. You will be provided with any relevant information at each stage of the process.

Conditions of appointment

Please note all applicants must:

  • disclose any criminal offence history
  • disclose current and past (personal or professional) connection with prisons, the criminal justice system or justice-related groups or programs
  • declare any perceived or actual conflict of interests
  • undergo a range of screening including a National Offence History and Fingerprint check.
  • agree to and abide by the Terms and Conditions of Appointment.


The Independent Prison Visitor Scheme has vacancies at regional prison locations. It is recommended that applicants who reside in that region apply to limit the travel to and from the location.

If you are interested in applying for a regional location, please email your details, including prison location to our team at IPVSrecruitment@justice.vic.gov.au (External link)

To express your interest in volunteering for the Scheme and be placed on our Expression of Interest register, please send your details and preferred prison location/s to:

Important information

Please note that before conducting each monthly prison visit IPVs are required to return a negative rapid antigen test result prior to entry.