Friday 19 January 2024 is Victoria’s seventh National Corrections Day – a day to recognise the tireless work and commitment of our corrections staff and say thank you.  

National Corrections Day highlights the often publicly unseen work that corrections staff do and acknowledges their vital role in:

  • protecting the Victorian community
  • providing safe and secure prison environments
  • supporting people in custody to achieve positive rehabilitation outcomes so they can successfully reintegrate into the community.
National Corrections Day 2024

Many dedicated staff work for Corrections and Justice Services, including approximately 3,200 staff in the state’s 11 public prisons, and more than 970 staff in Community Correctional Services and post sentence residential facilities. Thank you for all that you have done over the past year. 

‘Our corrections staff work tirelessly each day to keep prisons and the community safe, and National Corrections Day is a great chance for us to formally acknowledge and celebrate their work,’ Corrections Victoria Commissioner Larissa Strong said. 

Victoria’s theme for National Corrections Day this year is staff wellbeing and acknowledges the unique workplace challenges that can impact corrections staff. It highlights the need for staff to feel safe and supported as they go about their complex and challenging work.  

We are committed to supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of corrections staff. We offer a range of support services for staff, including our employee wellbeing and support service, peer support network and rapid counselling response for critical incidents. There are also dedicated support services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff members.  

Victorian prisons, post sentence facilities and community corrections locations are marking National Corrections Day in different ways, including lighting up their facilities in blue and hosting events to celebrate and thank staff for their contributions.

National Corrections Day 2024