The medium security facility will begin taking prisoners before the end of the year and has built capacity for a further 300 prisoners should it be required in the future. 

Located in Melbourne’s West, Ravenhall is the state’s first private prison to be opened in the last 20 years and will be managed by the GEO Group under contract to the Victorian Government.

GEO is partnering with the Kangan Institute, YMCA, and Melbourne City Mission to offer a range of rehabilitation and reintegration programs that will help prepare prisoners for a positive and productive life upon release.

GEO’s contract contains targets for reducing recidivism rates and the delivery of support programs for prisoners released from custody.

The prison includes a specialised 75-bed forensic mental health unit, which will more than double the current number of beds across the Victorian prison system.

Forensic mental health services will be provided by Forensicare, who will also support a further 100 prisoners to get the mental health help they need through outpatient services. 

The prison will also employ 700 ongoing staff and will continue to use the local community to supply goods and services.

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