There are two options:

1. Standard video conference - legal professionals will require access to a stand-alone video conferencing unit.  For information and advice on compatibility with prison video conferencing units, please contact the Video Conferencing Coordination Unit (VCCU) via email.

2. Jabber Guest video conference - legal professionals can use a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, smart device or desktop PC with audio and camera capabilities).  Legal professionals will require the Cisco Jabber application, which will automatically download upon activation of the first Jabber Guest URL.


To arrange a conference, email (External link). The email request will need to include the following information:

  • Email subject:  VC or Jabber Guest
  • Prisoner's name
  • CRN or date of birth (if CRN unknown)
  • Requested date
  • Requested time - provide a few alternatives to assist if the first preference is not available
  • Length time required for the conference
  • Name of legal professional conducting the conference

Upon receipt of the emailed request, the VCCU will schedule the conference and email a confirmation with dial-in details or the Jabber Guest URL (link), date and time.

If an aspect of the request is unavailable, the VCCU will negotiate a mutually suitable time with the requestor.

If you have any further questions, please email the VCCU: (External link)