When you visit a prison, a record of your visit will be kept along with personal information confirming your identity. If your visit involves a search or monitoring your image may be recorded and kept. Find out about conditions of entry.

Family and friends

All visitors must report to the prison gatehouse/reception area where they will be asked for personal information including proof of identity,before each visit. Personal information about a prison visitor is used to record that a visit occurred and to assist the conduct of future visits. All visitors are assigned a Visitor Reference Number (VRN) to assist in this process. Visitors are required to sign a visit register.

If a visitor is under the age of 16 years the accompanying adult will be asked for details which can identify them.

Biometric technology which involves hand, iris or fingerprint scanning is used at some prisons. This technology is used to identify people to assist in maintaining prison security. This information will be kept in accordance with the requirements of the Public Records Act 1973.

Respecting your privacy brochure explains your rights to privacy as a prison visitor.

Approved visitors and phone lists

Prisoners are required to supply some personal information about visitors when they nominate people to be added to their approved visitors list. This is so that potential visitor details can be recorded and inform approved visitors of visiting arrangements. Personal information will also be collected if the prisoner wishes to add a person to their approved phone list.

Professional visitors

Professional visitors or non Corrections Victoria employees are required to provide personal information to enable Corrections Victoria to ascertain their identity and suitability as an approved visitor. Professional visitors will be asked to provide personal information including proof of identity before each visit.

Making a privacy complaint

If a visitor is not satisfied with the way that Corrections Victoria has handled their information, they may lodge a complaint with the department's Information and Privacy Unit by email privacy@justice.vic.gov.au (External link) or phone (03) 8684 0173. Alternatively, they may lodge a complaint with the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (External link)