Searching and monitoring

All visitors will be searched on entry to a prison and after registering. Any vehicles entering the prison grounds may also be searched. Details of the search including your vehicle’s registration number may be collected and recorded by prison authorities. Find out about prohibited items.

A visitor may be monitored and recorded within the prison grounds including in carparks on prison property. Visitors should also expect that cameras may monitor public areas of prison facilities and that images may be recorded.



It is a serious criminal offence to traffic drugs including prescription drugs into a prison facility.  If you are suspected of attempting to traffic drugs or any other prohibited item (contraband), you may be asked to submit to a strip search by prison officers.  If you refuse this request, you are likely to be banned from entering all prisons in Victoria for a period.


All prison visitors are subject to prison regulations and orders. Disobeying prison orders is an offence and could result in a visitor being banned from entering a prison.