19 April 2021
A prisoner died at Melbourne Assessment Prison on 19 April 2021.
10 March 2021
Corrections Victoria would like to acknowledge the passing of a prisoner at Ravenhall Correctional Centre on 7 March 2021.
27 January 2021
Corrections Victoria staff have been recognised in the 2021 Australia Day Honours List in 2021.
9 July 2020
Corrections Victoria’s Shaun Braybrook features as a special guest on Williams and Lonsdale’s latest podcast, shining a light on Wulgunggo Ngalu Learning Place.
12 March 2020
Congratulations to everyone who was involved in painting the Melbourne Assessment Prison's giant new mural.
29 January 2020
Minister for Corrections, Natalie Hutchins visited Melbourne Assessment Prison and Judy Lazarus Transition Centre today - on the fourth National Corrections Day celebrated in Victoria to acknowledge and thank frontline staff for all their work.
28 January 2020
Congratulations to a number of our people who were recognised in the Australia Day 2020 Honours List – a highly prestigious celebration of excellence for significant contributions to our society.
28 November 2019
Dhurringile Prison staff have teamed up with prisoners to help break a 'parkrun' world record, and support their efforts to improve their physical and mental health.
7 October 2019
A detention unit to house Victoria’s most dangerous offenders after they have completed their prison sentences has been opened at Barwon Prison.
4 October 2019
The Victorian Government is expanding support services and programs focused on reducing the number of women in prison.