This initiative is being closely watched by other Australian jurisdictions.

In order to qualify as a specialist case manager, individuals must complete a new intensive post-graduate program offered by The School of Melbourne Custom Programs – the Specialist Certificate in Criminology (Sexual Offender Management).

The School of Melbourne Custom Programs, managed in UoM Commercial Ltd, is the University of Melbourne's provider of consultancy and professional education services for, and in partnership with, government and corporate clients.

This new course is an intensive post-graduate program taught over ten days that provides professional training in the case management of sexual offenders. The course has been designed for professionals who work with sexual offenders but who may lack clinical qualifications to support their practice. The course gives participants knowledge about sexual offenders and case management practice approaches, together with practical skills in the assessment and effective management of this complex and difficult offender population. This knowledge will assist practitioners to meet their professional responsibilities successfully and with confidence in their intervention practices.

The course comprises two subjects – Introduction to Sexual Offender Management and Advanced Practice in Sexual Offender Management. The course is delivered by Dr Mayumi Purvis who holds a PhD in Criminology from the University of Melbourne and Ms Simone Shaw who holds a Masters in Forensic Psychology. Both Mayumi and Simone are experienced practitioners in this field.

A conferring ceremony was held on 16 April at the School of Melbourne Custom Programs (at the University of Melbourne's Hawthorn campus) for the 35 Corrections Victoria staff who completed the inaugural specialist certificate program. Congratulations to:

Christine Allan, Nicole Anson, Marie Aspromonte, Kate Buick, Dean Caldow, Kim Eldridge, Katherine Gillam, Franca Guglielmino, Courtney Hammett, Janine Holt, Kathy Houlihan, Dale Hurley, Missy Jukes, Amanda Lacey, Maria Logan, Julie Marchant, Kathyrn McGrath, Amy McLeish, Rhia Mikkor, Sarah Miles, Natalia Oleksiak, Peta Ormston, Natasja Overeem, Persephone Palmer, Lydia Plumbe, Laura Praeger, Marina Rakic, Davinia Rizzo, Teresa Smith, Jade van Beek, Jennifer Vissers, Tegan Ward, Kylie Welsh and Tanya Zita.