Minister Hutchins recognised this day is especially important to all staff who have worked tirelessly during a challenging year with the coronavirus pandemic.
“Victoria’s theme this year is “working together to reduce reoffending” and acknowledges the role of corrections staff keeping the Victorian community safe by maintaining the security of its corrections system and assisting prisoners and offenders to get their lives back on track,” Minister Hutchins said. 
“It’s a challenging job but a rewarding one for over 5,000 staff across the state.
“Providing prisoners with training, education, and employment services is critical to their rehabilitation and ensures they have the best chance of leading safe and productive lives when they return to the community,” Minister Hutchins said. 
Around 5,200 staff work for Corrections Victoria in Victoria, including over 3,150 staff in the state’s 11 public prisons, and more than 1,000 staff in Community Correctional Services and post-sentence residential facilities.
Many more staff work across the corrections system in the state’s three private prisons and partner organisations such as health services, TAFE providers, and non-government agencies.
Community Correctional Services staff work closely with offenders to help break cycles of offending, undertaking risk assessments, delivering evidence-based interventions, and monitoring compliance with court orders.
To all our frontline staff in the corrections system, and on behalf of all Victorians, thank you for your continued commitment and dedication.