The following is general information about bringing property and money into a prison. Before you visit a prison it is recommended that you read the specific information about the prison and phone the prison directly to confirm your visit.



Depending on prison regulations, visitors may bring personal items and clothing for prisoners. The type and amount of items you are allowed to take for a prisoner varies from prison to prison.


Visitors may bring money for prisoners. Money brought for prisoners will be deposited into the prisoner’s ‘private money’ account. To deposit funds into a prisoner’s account, you must be on the prisoner’s approved visitors list.

Generally, the maximum amount prisoners may receive is $140 per calendar month. Prisons may approve additional private money for long distance telephone calls to the prisoner’s family or for special one-off purchases such as a computer for study.

Prisons will only accept cash, a bank cheque or postal order (online money orders, personal, trust account or company cheques are not acceptable). Each prison may have different requirements for depositing the money.