Important notice for Jabber Guest users

Jabber Guest browser software is no longer available for download.

Users without the software installed on their computer must use a smart device (e.g., phone or tablet) to attend their conference/s.

On this page

  • Legal practitioners and approved professionals
  • Service providers (non-legal)

    Legal practitioners and approved professionals

    Legal practitioners and approved professional stakeholders can now use AVL Scheduler to make their bookings for video contact with a prisoner.

    This tool was developed by Court Services Victoria and is being used by Corrections Victoria.

    The AVL Scheduler system allows people to make and manage their own bookings.  

    Court hearings will continue to be prioritised.

    Video calls and conferences will still take place using stand-alone video conferencing machines or mobile devices (including tablets, smart phones, smart devices or desktop computers with audio and camera capabilities).

    When on a mobile device, use the Cisco Jabber app. This will automatically download upon activation of the first Jabber Guest URL.

    To make a Jabber Guest connection via a PC a browser plugin may be required.

    A troubleshooting guide for Cisco Jabber Guest is available for your support.

    Arrange contact

    Register with AVL Scheduler

    To arrange a video conference, you must be a registered user of the AVL Scheduler. To request access please use the below link and choose ‘Request access’ on the next page. Complete and submit the form.

    Your request for access will be subject to a verification process by Court Services Victoria or Corrections Victoria. You may be asked to provide evidence supporting your application.

    Register with AVL Scheduler (External link)

    Make a booking

    Once you are registered you can use AVL Scheduler to make a booking. You will need to know some details about your client.

    You need to provide either:

    • Justice Accused Identifier (JAID) / Master Name Index (MNI)
    • Corrections Reference Number (CRN)

    In addition to one of the above, you must also provide all the following information:

    • first name
    • last name
    • date of birth.

    You can use AVL Scheduler to manage your bookings yourself. Most bookings will be confirmed instantly. Some bookings will need approval from the Video Conferencing Coordination Unit (VCCU) before confirmation.

    Make a booking with AVL Scheduler (External link)

    If you cannot make a booking

    If your request relates to a conference that is time critical for a stood down court matter on the same day, contact the VCCU on 1300 160 214 (External link)

    There are some restrictions on availability. These differ according to location and can be affected by available resources, court demand, and the duration of your request.

    If you cannot book for the duration you need, please contact VCCU.

    When asking for a legal video conference, legal practitioners should consider that there may be limited access to video conferencing. Contact the prison to book a telephone call or attend the prison in person for a professional visit.

    Prison contact details for booking a phone conference can be found below on this page. If you do not know the location of the prisoner you wish to speak with, you can email VCCU who will refer the request to the applicable prison on your behalf.

    Help using AVL Scheduler

    Account set up

    If you are a Victorian legal business send your requests for help with AVL Scheduler account set up or management to Court Services Victoria via email at (External link)

    Creating or managing a prisoner conference

    Victorian legal businesses with questions about a prisoner conference can call the VCCU on 1300 160 214 (External link)

    Other queries

    Please send all other AVL Scheduler queries to (External link)

    Service providers (non-legal) 

    If you are a professional service provider, but not registered to use the AVL Scheduler, contact the VCCU to discuss your organisation's suitability to use AVL Scheduler.

    If you are not able to use the AVL Scheduler you can still have access to people in custody. Contact the prison directly to arrange this. You can find prison contact details below.

    Do not contact the VCCU for these requests. Court matters, such as court ordered assessments, should be booked through the AVL Scheduler.

    Barwon Prison (External link)

    Beechworth Correctional Centre (External link)

    Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (External link)

    Dhurringile Prison (External link)

    Fulham Correctional Centre (External link)

    Hopkins Correctional Centre (External link)

    Judy Lazarus Transition Centre (External link)

    Karreenga Prison (External link)

    Langi Kal Kal Prison (External link)

    Loddon Prison (including Middleton) (External link)

    Marngoneet Correctional Centre (External link)

    Melbourne Assessment Prison (MAP) (External link)
    or (External link)

    Metropolitan Remand Centre (MRC) (External link)

    Port Phillip Prison (External link)

    Ravenhall Correctional Centre (External link)

    Tarrengower Prison (External link)