About Corrections Victoria

Email: corrections@justice.vic.gov.au (External link)

Phone: 1300 191 835

Fax: 03 8684 6611

Postal address: GPO Box 123 Melbourne VIC 3001

Street address: 121 Exhibition Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Corrections Victoria operates Victoria’s adult prison system. We run 11 public prisons and a transition centre. We also oversee three privately operated prisons.

We are responsible for achieving the appropriate balance between providing:

  • a safe, secure and humane system
  • programs and services that seek to rehabilitate people through addressing the underlying causes of offending behaviour.

Corrections Victoria also provides central oversight and governance of:

  • the post sentence scheme
  • offenders subject to post sentence orders

This includes the management of residential facilities and treatment centres.

Corrections Victoria aims to contribute to community safety by providing best practice interventions that aim to reduce the risk of reoffending.

This includes:

  • case management informed by sound risk assessment
  • offence specific and offence related programs
  • transition and reintegration supports.

Our approach

  • People - Our people are fundamental to our success.
  • Partnership - We are committed to improving community safety with our partners in the criminal justice system.
  • Respect - Everyone within the correctional environment has the right to feel safe and to be treated with respect.
  • Rehabilitation - We believe that all individuals have the capacity for positive behaviour change.
  • Victims - Our work acknowledges and respects the rights of victims.
  • Excellence - It is essential to be future-focused and to strive for innovation, best practice and excellence.
  • Public Value - We strive to deliver public value through a modern, efficient and effective correctional system.

Sentence Management

The Sentence Management Division guides the progress of every prisoner throughout the period of their sentence. This division is responsible for oversight and management of prisoner:

  • screening
  • assessment and classification
  • placement
  • ongoing review.

Functions also include:

  • reviewing and maintaining the Sentence Management Manual
  • efficient management of prison beds including demand and needs of specific cohorts
  • maintaining central oversight and governance of the Countering Violent Extremism service delivery model across prisons and Community Correctional Services
  • managing the Maribyrnong Community Residential Facility
  • coordinating the schedule of all AVL court, court related assessments and legal conferences for prisoners
  • managing the interstate and international prisoner transfer process
  • coordinating prisoner name change and alter record of sex applications.

Sentence Calculation and Warrant Administration

The Sentence Calculation and Warrant Administration (SCWA) sits within the Sentence Management Division. Is responsible for:

  • sentence calculation
  • maintaining prisoner records
  • compliance with court orders, including court appearances.

Contact details for the SCWA

Email for general enquiries: SCWA@justice.vic.gov.au (External link)
Email court documents and attachments only: SCWA.Scan@justice.vic.gov.au (External link)

Phone: 1300 191 835

Postal address:
Corrections Victoria
Sentence Calculation and Warrant Administration
GPO Box 123
Melbourne VIC 3001

How to make a general enquiry to SCWA

Contact SCWA by:

How to provide court documents and attachments to SCWA

Email court documents and attachments to: SCWA.Scan@justice.vic.gov.au  (External link)

Please note the SCWA.Scan email address is automated and designed for court documents and attachments only:

  • Emails are not read.
  • All required details must be contained in the court or other legal order.

It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure all relevant information is contained in the court order.

How to provide a gaol order

If you are a legal representative or from Victoria Police or a court and have a gaol order to bring a Corrections prisoner to court, please email a scanned copy of the gaol order to SCWA.Scan@justice.vic.gov.au (External link).

Please note that:

  • For prisoners located in metropolitan prisons, gaol orders must be received by close of business the day before the Court date
  • For prisoners located in regional prisons, or making court attendances in regional locations, gaol orders must be received up to seven days before the Court date.

    If you require a prisoner movement outside of these timeframes, please contact SCWA by:

    Security and Intelligence

    The Security and Intelligence Division delivers a range of:

    •  security and response services
    • intelligence and risk analysis services
    • emergency management functions.

    It provides these services for a wide range of stakeholders across Corrections Victoria as well as the broader department and key stakeholders across the criminal justice system.

    The Security and Intelligence Division deliver oversight of a range of intelligence, risk and emergency management functions which include:

    • emergency incident response
    • collecting, collating, and analysing information providing subject matter expert advice
    • providing expert advice on prison security infrastructure, security processes and emerging security technology
    • the electronic monitoring of offenders on parole orders, community corrections orders and subject to post-sentence supervision orders, and
    • delivery of emergency management training across the correctional system.

    Custodial Operations

    The Custodial Operations Division leads the operational delivery of custodial services at public prisons and the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre.

    The division:

    • sets standards and monitors service delivery against standards, Commissioner’s Requirements and Deputy Commissioner’s Instructions
    • ensures consistency of service delivery by undertaking analysis and reviews of incidents, issues and trends
    • conducts day-to-day oversight of private prison management
    • is responsible for contract management, commercial oversight and advisory services, as well as the effective management and maintenance of all Corrections and Justice Services’ prison and related infrastructure.

    Offender Services

    Offender Services delivers a safe and secure corrections system by providing rehabilitative opportunities for prisoners and offenders.

    Functions Activities include:

    • oversight of rehabilitation, transition and reintegration operations, including Prison Industries, Education, Training and Employment and Rehabilitation and Reintegration
    • delivery of Forensic Intervention Services for people in custody, offenders on post-sentence orders and Community Corrections clients
    • monitoring of tailored interventions for prisoners, including priority cohorts, for example, women, Aboriginal offenders, offenders with a disability, offenders from Cultural and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds
    • management of the post-sentence scheme, including operating residential facilities.