Corrections Victoria

Corrections Victoria – a business unit of the Department of Justice and Community Safety – implements court judgments and orders of the Adult Parole Board. It sets strategy, policy and standards for the management of the state’s system of correctional facilities. It also develops programs for the management and rehabilitation of prisoners and the community-based supervision of offenders.


The Operations Division manages system-wide issues and delivers system-wide support services. This division:

  • sets standards and monitors service delivery against standards, Commissioner’s requirements and Deputy Commissioner’s instructions
  • ensures consistency of service delivery by undertaking analysis and reviews of incidents, issues and trends
  • assists in reducing recidivism by providing offenders with the opportunity to reduce reoffending through the development of education, training and work programs
  • provides operational and technical support to regional directors and general managers in managing system-wide issues.

Offender Management

The Offender Management Division delivers a safe and secure corrections system by providing rehabilitative opportunities for prisoners and offenders. This division:

  • provides case management and targeted programs that engage offenders in positive behavioural change
  • develops and engages service providers to deliver reintegration programs, including transitional and housing services
  • delivers sentencing reform initiatives specific to Community Correctional Services
  • provides secretariat support to the Adult Parole Board
  • coordinates a whole of sentence approach to the management of serious sex offenders.

Sentence Management

The Sentence Management Division guides the progress of every prisoner across the period of their sentence.  This division:

  • manages the movement of prisoners through the system and puts in place strategies and procedures to manage this demand
  • manages classification and placement decisions and approval of critical prisoner separations and permits
  • maintains accurate prisoner records and ensures prisoners attend court when required and are released on the correct date.

Business Services

The Business Services Division manages business services for Corrections Victoria. This division provides:

  • financial reporting and budget management, advice and administration
  • contract management services to ensure compliance with correctional services contracts
  • procurement and grant administration services supporting delivery of Corrections Victoria's strategic priorities
  • information technology services implementing, maintaining and supporting ICT solutions essential to day-to-day operations
  • asset and infrastructure investment and management to support the maintenance of CV’s prisons
  • workforce planning, facilities management, systems support and services to support the delivery of corporate and statewide functions.

Security and Intelligence

The Security and Intelligence Division delivers security and intelligence management within the correctional system. This division:

  • provides security standards, specialist emergency response, electronic monitoring and intelligence services
  • works with other law enforcement agencies to maintain a secure and safe correctional system.

Strategic Policy and Planning

The Strategic Policy and Planning Division manages correctional governance, policy and strategy functions. This division:

  • develops strategic approaches and policies related to the development and delivery of correctional services in Victoria
  • undertakes evaluation, research and analysis
  • provides forecasting, planning and impact modelling services
  • coordinates and develops budget submissions for Corrections Victoria
  • leads and delivers Corrections Victoria's legislative and regulatory development program
  • leads high priority, high profile service reform projects.


Delivering effective correctional services for a safe community.

Our approach

  • People - Our people are fundamental to our success.
  • Partnership - We are committed to improving community safety with our partners in the criminal justice system.
  • Respect - Everyone within the correctional environment has the right to feel safe and to be treated with respect.
  • Rehabilitation - We believe that all individuals have the capacity for positive behaviour change.
  • Victims - Our work acknowledges and respects the rights of victims.
  • Excellence - It is essential to be future-focussed and to strive for innovation, best practice and excellence.
  • Public Value - We strive to deliver public value through a modern, efficient and effective correctional system.