To develop and manage community programs, Community Correctional Services (CCS) partners with a broad range of organisations, including community groups, charitable and not-for-profit organisations, non-profit educational institutions, and state, federal and local government agencies. The partnerships between CCS and Community Work Partner Agencies are integral to the success of the Community Work Program.

Guidelines for Community Work Partner Agencies provides comprehensive information about administrative and management requirements for community work programs and outlines the basic principles governing the placement of offenders onto these programs.

Working with Community Correctional Services provides information on how a community organisation can partner with CCS, so that offenders can attend and work at their sites. It includes examples of the types of work already done by offenders who are on community orders and outlines some current partnerships.

Community Work Partnership Awards

These awards celebrate the success, value and diversity of the partnerships CCS and prisons have with the Victorian community. Judged each year by independent community members, the awards are divided into the following 12 categories:

  1. Most Outstanding New Project
  2. Initiatives with Local Councils, Shires or Utilities
  3. Educational Institution/Educational Programs
  4. Jennifer Cameron Award for Environmental Sustainability Projects
  5. Projects Involving Diversity, Indigenous or Age of Offenders or Prisoners
  6. Supervisor Award
  7. Field Officer or other Staff Member Award
  8. Most Outstanding Location-Based Project (CCS Location or Prison)
  9. Best Ongoing Partnership
  10. Best in Region
  11. Commissioner’s Award (Recognising Outstanding Partnership)
  12. Minister's Award (Recognising Excellence in a Long-Standing Partnership)

The bi-annual newsletter Community Work Connections features some of the community work activities and partnerships taking place across the state.

Find out about the winners of our Community Work Partnership Awards.

Watch these videos to find out more about community partnerships:

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