Commissioner's Requirements set out high level requirements in respect of operational matters. They are issued when specificity is required to ensure consistency and/or continuity of correctional practice across the whole prison system, encompassing both publicly and privately managed prisons.

They are developed in consultation with prison management and operators. The procedures set out in the Commissioner's Requirements must be adopted by all staff who are providing correctional services in Victoria.

The observance of these requirements enables a consistency in correctional services delivery across Victoria.


Commissioner's Requirements - Part 5  Healthcare Services can be accessed via files listed at bottom of this page. For parts 1,2,3 and 4, click on the links below.

Commissioner's Requirements - Part 1 Security and Control

Commissioner's Requirements - Part 2 Prisoner Management

Commissioner's Requirements - Part 3 Programs and Industry

Commissioner's Requirements - Part 4 Prisoner Services


Department of Justice and Community Safety - Corrections Victoria
Department of Justice and Community Safety - Corrections Victoria
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