E-mail:    scwa@justice.vic.gov.au

Phone:     (03) 8684 6552

Fax:       (03) 8684 6683

Postal address:     Corrections Victoria

                              Sentence Calculation and Warrant Administration

                               GPO Box 123 Melbourne VIC 3001

Sentence Calculation and Warrant Administration (SCWA) is the unit in Corrections Victoria with responsibility for maintaining prisoner records to ensure that prisoners are held in custody correctly, and to ensure that prisoners attend Court as required.

If you are a legal representative or from Victoria Police or a Court and have a Gaol Order to bring a Corrections prisoner to Court, please email a scanned copy of the Gaol Order to SCWA.Scan@justice.vic.gov.au

Please note the SCWA Scan email address is an automated email address for court documents and attachments only. Emails sent to the SCWA Scan address are automatically processed and the emails are not read. All required details must be contained on the court or other legal order. Ensuring all relevant information is contained in court orders is the responsibility of the sender.

For general enquiries, please contact SCWA utilising the email address SCWA@justice.vic.gov.au or call the unit on the general enquiries line (03) 8684 6552.

Please note that Gaol Orders must be received by close of business the day before the Court date for prisoners located in metropolitan prisons, and up to seven days before the Court date for prisoners located in regional prisons, or court attendances in regional locations.

If you require a prisoner movement outside of these timeframes, please contact SCWA via email or phone.