Corrections Victoria takes a zero-tolerance approach to contraband.  

Victoria’s prison system has one of the toughest and most extensive contraband detection regimes in Australia. 

We have new drone detection technology to foil attempts to bring banned items into Victoria’s prisons.

The technology uses strategically positioned antennas around the state that identify drone signals and alert Corrections Victoria in real time to the flight path of the drone.

We immediately deploy our security and intelligence teams to intercept the drone and handover all information to Victoria Police. 

In the past 12 months Corrections Victoria has also received new powers to stop contraband coming through the mail. Photocopies of incoming mail are made to provide prisoners instead of originals which enables us to screen mail and prevent drugs from entering our prisons.  

We’ve recently installed new body scanning technology which complements the detection systems already in place.

This continuous improvement to technology is on top of sophisticated intelligence capabilities, specialist dog teams, CCTV and prison officers used to ensure drugs and other contraband do not make their way into the Victorian prison system.

Visits from family and friends are an important part of a prisoner’s rehabilitation. But if visitors attempt to bring in contraband, they will be caught.