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  • Alcohol and other drugs
  • AOD testing
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  • Program delivery

The department is working alongside all Victorian Government departments to keep services responsive to the needs of the Victorian community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All programs and locations need to provide their service in a COVIDSafe way and have site-based COVIDSafe plans where appropriate.

Management of offenders

CCS continues to operate and anyone subject to a community correction order, parole order or supervision order must continue to comply with the conditions of their order.

Justice Services Centres are open to the public in line with COVIDSafe requirements and individual location COVIDSafe plans.


CCS continues to provide Court Assessment and Prosecutions Services (CAPS) to all jurisdictions of the court.

CCS remote service delivery to the courts will continue as required. 

Any queries should be directed to your nearest CCS location in the first instance or to the Manager, CAPS Central Unit via capscentralunit@justice.vic.gov.au (External link).

Adult Parole Board

CCS continues to service the Adult Parole Board (APB), with parole suitability assessment reports and other standard reports being provided to the APB in line with current practice.

Any general enquiries should be directed to the CCS location in the first instance. Any queries relating to broader parole system issues should be directed to the Manager, Parole Central Unit via communityoperations@justice.vic.gov.au (External link).

Post Sentence Authority

CCS continues to manage the post sentence cohort under intensive supervision and monitoring regimes.

CCS and the Post Sentence Branch continue to service the Post Sentence Authority (PSA). Any form of non-compliance is managed in line with business as usual processes.

The combined Corrections Victoria and Victoria Police Supervision Order Specialist Response Unit is operational and responds to any escalation in risk amongst the cohort in line with standard practice.

Reports continue to be submitted to the PSA via the Post Sentence Branch.

Any queries should be directed to State-wide Operations, Post Sentence Branch via postsentencebranch.operations@justice.vic.gov.au (External link).

Alcohol and other drugs

Requirements to undertake Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) assessment and treatment continue.

In-person attendance for AOD assessments will be in line with any current COVID-19 measures.

If you are subject to an order with an AOD condition, please contact your case manager to confirm what you are required to do. Any queries should be directed to the CCS location via email.

AOD testing

Referrals to Dorevitch Pathology locations in the community to conduct urine testing continue in accordance with the requirements of current orders. You must attend testing at a Dorevitch site if directed by your case manager.

Any queries should be directed to the CCS location via email.

Mental health

You can access a range of providers to undertake mental health assessment and treatment in accordance with the requirements of your orders.

Referrals to a GP for a mental health care plan continue. Consultations may be in-person or via Telehealth.

The Forensic Mental Health in Community Health Program continues to operate.

Any queries should be directed to the CCS location via email.

Program delivery

Offence-specific interventions and transition and reintegration support services are provided both in-person and remotely.

Where it is a condition of your order, you are required to attend offence-specific AOD and other programs.

The COVID-19 pandemic may create practical challenges and heightened stress for you, so additional exit support measures are in place.

Family violence service providers are still in regular contact with perpetrators who are engaged in their services and are maintaining family safety contact services with their victims.

Any queries about the changes to Corrections Victoria offence specific programs should be directed to FIS.SupportServices@justice.vic.gov.au (External link).

Any queries about the changes to transitional support programs should be directed to tru@justice.vic.gov.au (External link).