Corrections Victoria Annual Prisoner Statistical Profile 2006-07 to 2018-19 presents the statistical profile of prisoners held in Victoria’s prisons on 30 June every year. This data includes a number of demographic and sentencing characteristics of prisoners, such as sex, age, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status, prior imprisonment, the most serious offence or charge associated with the period of imprisonment, as well as the effective sentence length.

The data set also includes the number and type of prison receptions and discharges for each financial year over the period, including a disaggregation by sex, age, most serious offence/charge, and legal status at reception and discharge.

Infographics have also been prepared to illustrate significant trends and changes in the demographics and sentencing characteristics of the prisoner profiles, prison receptions, and prison discharges over the last ten years.

Department of Justice and Community Safety - Corrections Victoria
Department of Justice and Community Safety - Corrections Victoria
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