The Adult Parole Board of Victoria plays an important role in the Victorian criminal justice system by managing the appropriate release of offenders on parole orders to enhance the safety of the Victorian community. In all decision-making, the Board’s most important consideration is community safety.

The Adult Parole Board has a dedicated website: (External link)

The Youth Parole Board (External link) is a separate independent statutory body.

Role of the Adult Parole Board

The role of the Adult Parole Board is to make independent and appropriate decisions in relation to:

  • release of prisoners on supervised conditional release
  • cancellation of orders and return of offenders to prison custody
  • submission of reports to the Minister for Corrections as required by legislation

The Board may:

  • grant a prisoner release on parole
  • deny release on parole
  • defer consideration until a later date
  • cancel an offender's parole

Legislative mandate

The Board is established under the Corrections Act 1986. (External link) As an independent statutory body, its decisions are free from political or bureaucratic involvement and influence.

The Board has jurisdiction over the following offender groups:

  • offenders for whom a court has ordered a prison sentence where a non-parole period applies
  • young persons transferred to prison from a youth justice centre under part 5.6 of the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 and regulations


Established in 1957, the Board meets regularly at its office in Carlton, where it considers parole applications, cancellations and other matters.


The Board consists of judges, magistrates and community members. Members of the Board are appointed by the Governor in Council on the recommendation of the Minister for Corrections.

Adult Parole Board fact sheets

The Adult Parole Board fact sheets provide a range of information about the activities of the Adult Parole Board.

Fifty Years of the Adult Parole System in Victoria 19572007

Fifty Years of the Adult Parole System in Victoria reflects on the Adult Parole Board's service to the community of Victoria for half a century.