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Unit Management Guidelines : achieving leadership excellence in Victorian prisons

This manual outlines Victoria's approach to unit management. It is not a replica of any other system's approach, nor is it completely new. It is a collection of concepts and ideas that have been taken from the best of our past, what we consider to be the best and most workable from other systems, and the best of our own fresh ideas-ideas contributed by a number of Office of Corrections staff.

The manual is divided into five divisions:

    Foreword, contents and the guidelines and you

    Part 1:    Chapter 1 : Prisons historical lessons

                  Chapter 2: Sentencing and corrections

                  Chapter3: Correction: Mission and purpose

    Part 2:    Chapter 4: Principles and a concept

                  Chapter 5: Unit management and prison staff

                  Chapter 6: Unit management and normality

                  Chapter 7: Setting goals

                  Chapter 8: Standards and accountability

    Part 3:    Chapter 9: The custodial role

                  Chapter 10: The security role

                  Chapter 11: The discipline role

                  Chapter 12: The programs role

    Part 4:    A day in the life of Erehwon prison

    Appendix: Minimum standards





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Author: Office of Corrections
Publisher: Office of Corrections
Date of Publication: 1990
Copyright: State of Victoria, 1990.


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