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Office of Correctional Services Review

The Office of Correctional Services Review (OCSR) is a business unit within the Department of Justice & Regulation, separate to Corrections Victoria, which monitors and reviews the performance of prisons, Community Correctional Services and other correctional services to identify opportunities for improvement.

The OCSR advises the Secretary of the Department of Justice & Regulation on whether the corrections system is operating in a fair, accountable and humane way that minimises risk to the community while meeting the needs of offenders and staff. The OCSR also administers the Independent Prison Visitor Scheme.

The OCSR is overseen by an Advisory Committee that is independently chaired and comprises external independent members and senior departmental staff who are not involved in the delivery of correctional services.

The OCSR works closely with the Department's Justice Health and People and Culture units and liaises with Victoria Police (External link) the Coroner's Court of Victoria (External link) and the Victorian Ombudsman (External link)