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Women in the Victorian Prison System

Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

The Women in the Victorian Prison System report has been published as part of Corrections Victoria’s data release strategy. The report presents an analysis of the female prison population.

The report highlights the substantial growth and change in the profile of women in prison over the years from 2012 to 2017. It attributes the growth to the rising number of women entering prison on remand typically for a short time and leaving prison without serving any time under sentence. The results of a recent study of the court outcomes for women who were initially remanded and then released from prison on bail are also presented.

The report provides information gathered from two recent surveys conducted by Corrections Victoria. The surveys highlight the challenges of substance abuse, housing instability and histories of family violence frequently reported by women prisoners. Specific cohorts of women who are most likely to present with complex needs are identified.

Women in the Victorian Prison System