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Expanding Victoria's prison system

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Ravenhall Correctional Centre

Ravenhall Correctional Centre opening

The Minister for Corrections Gayle Tierney officially opened Victoria’s 15th prison - the Ravenhall Correctional Centre - on Thursday, 12 October 2017.

Ararat front entrance

Ararat secure facility on track

Construction is now underway on a new secure 20-bed facility in Ararat that will house serious sex offenders and serious violent offenders after they have completed their prison sentence. The facility, which will feature a secure perimeter, is being built next to Hopkins Correctional Centre and is on track to open in 2018.

A picture of a new prison

Victorian Budget outcomes 2017-18

The outcome includes a record $308 million investment ($256 million over four years in output and $52 million TEI in asset) in the post-sentence supervision and detention scheme.  This builds upon the $84 million in last year's budget to commence implementation of the Harper reforms. The expanded post-sentence scheme will draw in serious violent offenders, in addition to serious sex offenders, and will include both post-sentence supervision and detention options. The budget allocation provides additional funding for the  20-bed secure facility funded in 2016-17, to be built next to Hopkins Correctional Centre, as well as new funding for a 10-bed post sentence detention facility to be built within an existing facility