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Entrance and outside of Hopkins Correctional Centre

Prisoner and offender data

A range of additional statistical data about prisoners and offenders in Victoria, which will be regularly updated in future, was added to the website in December 2016.

Terry Jose, General Manager, Hume Prison Region; Minister Tierney; Julie Flack, Site Development  Manager, Winton Wetlands; and Bret Lacey, Operations Manager, Beechworth Correctional Centre.

Community Work Partnership Awards 2016

The Corrections Commissioner Jan Shuard PSM hosted the 2016 Community Work Partnership Awards - the sixteenth such event - in Melbourne on Wednesday, 16 November 2016. These bi-annual awards recognise and celebrate partnerships between local communities and Corrections Victoria that contribute to the reparation, rehabilitation and reduction of reoffending by offenders and prisoners.

Front entrance of Karreenga

Karreenga annexe opening

The 216-bed Karreenga annexe at Marngoneet Correctional Centre has been officially opened – improving community safety, creating more than 150 new jobs and accommodating medium security male prisoners.

Community Workers

Community Correctional Services expansion

The next exciting phase of Corrections Victoria's Community Correctional Services expansion has commenced, with the launch of a new careers site (http://www.correctionsjobs.vic.gov.au/) and the advertising of all new positions.