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Front entrance to MRCImportant information for families and friends of prisoners at MRC

Corrections Victoria staff and private contractors are working to restore the basic functions of the facility. However, it will take some time for the prison to become fully operational.  

Infrastructure works will continue to be a priority until the site is safe and secure.  At all times, the safety and welfare of staff and prisoners is paramount and we ask for your patience and understanding while this work is underway.

The purpose of this update is to provide you with a status report on prisoner services.  

A small number of personal visits are now taking place. As visits for prisoners in each unit resume, prisoners in those units will be advised to enable them to book a visit time.  In the interim, we encourage family and friends to maintain contact with prisoners via mail and phone.
Professional visits are continuing as normal.

Cells and Units
Repairs to cells and common spaces continue. Some units are undergoing repairs in their day rooms and, until these repairs are finalised, limited out of cell time will occur across the site.

The prisoner telephone system is now operational and all units are arranging for prisoners to make telephone calls. Prisoners are also able to add funds to their telephone account via the interim canteen process.

Prisoner Canteen
The Prisoner Canteen is currently offline. Due to stock shortages, MRC has interim arrangements in place which involve the provision of essential items such as hygiene products and a small variety of snack options.

Prisoner Property
All property items that were recovered following the incident have been relocated. The property team at MRC continues to sort through items and allocate them to prisoners.  Property may not be dropped off for prisoners at this stage, other than legal documents.

Visitor Reception Property Office
Personal visitors are permitted to provide prisoner monies, reading material, legal documents and religious items at the Visitor Reception Property Office.
All professional visitors are permitted to issue legal documentation as required.
Prisoner clothing will not be accepted from visitors until further notice.
Discharged prisoners or prisoners released at court can attend the location to collect their personal belongings.

Prisoner Laundry
Prisoner laundry will occur in line with existing laundry days. All prisoners will be provided with a second set of prison issue clothing until personal property can be sorted. The laundry at MRC has provided wash bags for prisoners to rotate their washed items.

Kitchen Menu
The menu has been amended and provides all prisoners with a range of dietary options.

Offender Services
Chaplaincy services have re-commenced across the site. Chaplains will continue to attend respective units and provide support as needed.

The mobile library is also up and running and has been moving across the site. All areas have now received an opportunity to borrow a book.

Aboriginal Welfare Officer support is available on a needs basis. Offender Services welfare requests are also being facilitated as required.

Corrections Victoria will update this information as recovery progress continues. 

If family and friends have specific concerns, please call (03) 868 46600.


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Aboriginal dancers at Melbourne Assessment Prison

NAIDOC Week 2015

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Prisoner transport services contract awarded

The Victorian Government has announced the awarding of the new contract for the transport of prisoners between courts, prisons, youth justice centres and police stations.

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Victorian Budget outcomes 2015-16

Corrections Victoria has been allocated $332.8 million funding to provide much needed support for prisons and Community Correctional Services in the Victorian Budget 2015-16.

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Women prisoners make poppies for Anzac Day

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